Front Row

May 16, 2007

That Kirsty Lang interview is still available as an mp3 file here.


Kenny Laurenson

May 14, 2007

Kenny’s special photos of 41 Places are now up on the site. Follow the story links to see them. Kenny, Richard and William will be creating a book 41 Places: 41 Books at the end of the exhibition, published by UnMadeUp. There will be 41 numbered editions, each copy unique, each selling for £41. To reserve your copy, email

Placehunting (3)

May 14, 2007

theaeblackthorn (“there is this really cool thing they’re doing for the Brighton Festival”) is up to twenty. Jane Dallaway has now photographed 30. Donna Close – who acted as liaison on behalf of Brighton and Hove Council – texted to say: “took 7 hours but we got 38”.

Bloggers on 41 Places

May 12, 2007

This from Babble Babble Babble:

I don’t know how long they will stay up – presumably it’s only for the festival, which is perhaps a bit of a shame becasue I like the idea of making some quite impersonal aspects of the city more personable. It’s quite profound and deeply spiritual in the context of our inter-connectedness with one another and understanding of the importance of place.

Placehunting (2)

May 11, 2007

Out and about on Wednesday I saw a woman photographing No. 13. She turned out to be Jane Dallway, the woman behind Brighton Bloggers. Since then she has set up this excellent 41 Places site to try and track down all 41.


May 9, 2007

There’s a flickr site where 41 place hunters are finding/not finding sites. All results shared.

Book news

May 9, 2007

41 Places: 41 Stories is now on sale here. It’s also available at the following story locations:

06 Are we the wonderland she is thinking about? Brighton Museum & Art Gallery Shop

11 I could have sworn I brought my bag in. Sporting Colours, Gloucester Street

23 … the sheer nothingy-ness of her dad. Borders Books & Music, Churchill Square

30 Some days he goes bacon-and-egging. Castor & Pollux, King’s Road Arches, The Seafront

39 They all knew it would be their last night together. Aruna’s News, Gardner Street

41 Drinks

May 9, 2007

Joshua at The Earth & Stars in Windsor Street – the site of story number No 29 That was the first time he ever slept rough – has been telling customers he’ll buy a drink for anyone who comes there with photographic proof they’ve visited all 41 sites.

Front Row

May 7, 2007

Thanks to Adrian for pointing out that the Front Row piece can be heard here.

The report starts about 18 minutes in.


May 7, 2007

The phone box on Brighton seafront – 05 They Reach Out And Kiss – has now been fully installed. When Standard 8 turned up to install the vinyl last week they found the box had been vandalised. BT Payphones kindly marked the job as an emergency and replaced the glass at the weekend.

You can see a photo of the new installation on the flickr group 41 Places.

Sadly the installation in Duke Street – 40 Rejoining real life was bewildering – was vandalised on Friday night and two of the panels are now missing. We’re seeing if we can afford replacements.