Local correspondence

One of the nicest reactions to 41 Places – and there have been a good number – comes in today’s Evening Argus, the local Brighton paper.

The 41st Brighton Festival draws to a close this Sunday.

Can I urge even those of you who think the whole event is a waste of time and energy to do one thing before it ends – take yourself for a walk. Forty-one Places is 41 true stories, installed in the places where they happened.

From the story written on paving stones outside the Brighton Centre to the “postcard” in a newsagent in the North Laine, this is a treasure hunt to help even those who were born here rediscover the remarkable city we live in – and it’s free.

Thanks also to Aby who commented below asking Brighton & Hove council to make it permament. At this stage all reactions are incredibly useful… please add feedback to the post below or send it as email.



4 Responses to “Local correspondence”

  1. Binksieboy Says:

    Congratulations on a fantastic installation, my partner and I have had a great time trying to find all 41 places, and i’m glad to say that we have finally found and photographed all of them. Now we’re off to the earth and stars for a pint. Well done again, lets try and keep it!

  2. william Says:

    Did you get the free pint off Joshua, the landlord, as promised?

  3. Binksieboy Says:

    Hi william, joshua was good to his word. Had a nice pint on the house. Apparently we were the first.

  4. 41places Says:

    I think everyone else who’s done all 41 has been too shagged out by the time they’ve done it…

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